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Using Interdigitating Y-flap Technique For Imperforate Hymen Universitas Indonesia

Current surgical techniques for imperforate hymen pose risks of postoperative complications such as stenosis and ascending an infection; thus, a model new approach is needed. A case of a 12-year-old woman with a progressively bulging mass was presented. Surgery, using interdigitating Y-flap technique, was performed on the patient. The surgical consequence was passable, and no postoperative complication was found during a follow-up visit. N2 - Imperforate hymen is a uncommon condition affecting 1 of 2,000 ladies worldwide.

The provider firm, rather than the person firm, is solely responsible for the working circumstances and wages of contract workers. The user firm could supply contract workers from a quantity of outsourcing firms, making it unimaginable for staff to discount collectively on the office. According to Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection knowledge from 2019, approximately 650,000 kids ages two to 17 have disabilities.

The National Agency for Population and Family Planning reported that roughly 10 percent of its shoppers dropped out of its packages in the course of the pandemic. On March 9, Malang Police Chief Senior Commander Leonardus Harapantua Simarmata Permata threatened protesters from the Papuan Students Alliance in Malang, East Java. In a video of the incident, which was spread widely on-line, Permata could be heard saying “if you cross that line your blood is halal.” Activists and media reported the assertion as a risk to shoot the protesters in the event that they crossed a police barrier. On March 23, a Police Internal Affairs spokesperson stated they have been investigating the incident.

The law criminalizes the use of violence or pressure by officials to elicit a confession, but no regulation specifies or defines “torture.” Other legal guidelines, corresponding to on witness and sufferer safety, include antitorture provisions. Officials face imprisonment for a maximum of four years in the occasion that they use violence or drive illegally. In many instances of alleged extrajudicial killings, police and the army didn't conduct any investigations and, once they did, did not disclose either the very fact or the findings of those internal investigations. Official statements related to abuse allegations typically contradicted nongovernmental group (NGO) accounts, and the frequent inaccessibility of areas where violence took place made confirming information difficult.

No national legislation criminalizes same-sex sexual conduct, besides between adults and minors. NGOs reported numerous circumstances of local government laws that outline same-sex sexual conduct as a type of sexual deviance. Aceh’s sharia makes consensual same-sex sexual conduct unlawful and punishable by a maximum of a hundred lashes, a substantial fantastic, or a 100-month jail time period. According to Aceh’s sharia company chief, no less than 4 witnesses should observe people participating in consensual same-sex sexual conduct for them to be charged. NGOs reported that worry of prosecution under Aceh’s sharia at times caused LGBTQI+ activists to flee the province, generally permanently. Producing media depicting consensual same-sex sexual conduct – vaguely and broadly outlined within the law – may be prosecuted as against the law underneath the antipornography act.