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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Tv Sequence : Information, Videos, Cast, About

There are some clips doing the rounds of social media that also counsel that Armaan and Abhira usually are not absolutely divorced yet. Madhav supposedly finds a paper in divorce file suggesting that Armaan and Abhira's divorce isn't finalised. So will this stall Ruhi and Armaan's wedding? Fans should wait and see.

Ruhi starts getting jealous of Abhira and Armaan's marital life. Later, Poddars' find out about Ruhi and Armaan's relationship and Abhira decides to divorce Armaan. The Poddars and Goenkas prepare for Armaan and Ruhi's wedding. Armaan agrees reluctantly to marry Ruhi to keep up household harmony, despite his love for Abhira. Abhira, now a wedding planner, organizes the wedding occasions amidst drama and uncertainties.

Swarna finds out Naira knew about him all alongside, and banishes her. Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai features a love triangle involving Armaan, Abhira, and Ruhi. The upcoming wedding ceremony between Armaan and Ruhi, announced by Dadisa, will add extra drama to the present. In tonight's episode of yeh rishta kya kehlata hai, Madhav discovers the reality about Abhira and Armaan's unformalized divorce, leading to an accident.

Abhinav dies on his birthday. Akshara and Abhimanyu resolve to marry for Abhir, who is in despair now. Akshara is pregnant with Abhinav's youngster. Aarohi dies as a outcome of Akshara's mistake and Akshara moves out of the house.

I labored for years however it did not end on an excellent observe. It wasn't like we'd not even see each other. But it wasn't that good, pleasant. At least, time has healed me fully. I have no objections now,” Hina informed Galatta Plus.

Nandini and Mohit even have one other son, Anmol as Akshara and Naitik have a daughter named Naira. Soon, Naitik's aunt, Bhabhima, loses her husband, and the accident is blamed on Akshara. Akshara and Naitik depart the house with their youngsters and transfer to Cape Town. The present takes a leap once more, and all the kids are shown to grown as teenagers. Naksh travels to Udaipur for his college change program, and visits Singhania house to reunite the household. Bhabhima forgives Akshara and the family moves back to Udaipur.

Devendra Fadnavis has supplied to resign as Deputy Chief Minister following the celebration's disappointing efficiency within the state. He obtained a call from Union Home Minister Amit Shah and met with high RSS leaders to discuss the celebration's strategy. Fadnavis's resignation is seen as preemptive, as the celebration has failed to handle key points such as caste, farmer anger, and Dalit unrest.