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Opinions, Discussions, Blogs And Have Articles About Ghana

The episodes of violence underlined by sporadic attacks and tit-for-tat retaliations morphed the battle right into a protracted, intractable, and enduring one. Many residents in the space now feel obliged to arm themselves for protection, resulting in a culture of gun ownership (Global Initiative to Combat Trafficking, 2024). This has incentivized the conflicting parties to assault each other in any case provocation.

The conflict in Bawku between Kusasi and Mamprusi, relationship back to 1931, revolves across the occupancy of the Bawku pores and skin, which represents mainly authority within the Bawku conventional space. As a results of a colonial coverage arrangement, the Bawku Chief holds paramountcy over Kusasi, Mamprusi, and different native chiefs. This led to rivalry between the Kusasi and Mamprusi over who rightfully occupies the position of paramount chief (Dramani et al., 2023).

Genesis Media Emerging Markets (GMEM), a media holding with operations in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, and Ghana, is a partner of YEN.com.gh. Legit.ng, TUKO.co.ke, Briefly News, and Sportsbrief.com are additional GMEM news initiatives. YEN.com.gh is a companion of Google and Meta and a member of the UN Sustainable Development Goals Media ItCompact. Citi TV presents a unique blend of credible, authentic, and well timed news, present affairs, and compelling non-news programming. In a outstanding feat for the local people, Isaac Mensah, a proud native of Kwahu from Abetifi, has achieved his first Solo Flight on the prestigiou...

At this time they've lately completed a harvest which they wished to show me earlier than it's marketed and over which they are rightly proud. I expressed my concern to Thomas their trainer after we left over the lowish worth they anticipated to receive. Marketing abilities typically do not come naturally and there is of course a bent to take the first deal supplied when money is difficult received – and far wanted. On Thursday, I joined Dr Wise Wunu and Dr. Eric Otchere for a radio interview at ATL FM, UCC’sandnbsp; broadcasting centre, to talk about music psychology and music neuroscience.

Vibrant, bustling, with the simplestandnbsp;of infrastructure, and essential to the financial system of the realm with merchants fromandnbsp;several towns in the area. Yet there isn't any honey on sale, no added worthandnbsp;merchandise produced from top quality Ghanaian ingredients – coconut oil, shea andandnbsp;cocoa butters, baobab oil, honey and beeswax. Only the drivers of the leastandnbsp;roadworthy taxis from Asesewa town will attempt the half hour journey down the “rough road” to the Hekenofom project, and we'reandnbsp;grateful for that. In the rainy season the rutted and pot-holed monitor is usually impassable even for the weekly market vehicles, making the trip each aandnbsp;feat of endurance and a threat to well being on foot in pursuit of important cash income. In this a part of Upper Manya Krobo district in Eastern region, Ghana the villagers are highly resilient and resourceful out of necessity. In many locations in Ghana unregulated galamsey (smallscale gold mining) takes place.

During my time in Ghana I met many attention-grabbing individuals and created strong bonds with the members of my group in the island. I learnt and was aided in cooking the meals and choosing up the local language. We participated in an exchange of ideas – it was fascinating for the kids to get to know us and hear about our experiences simply because it was for us to grasp more about their tradition. It goes without mentioning that the Bawku conflict has strained a lot of developmental resources, overstretched security capacities, and diverted consideration from different necessary nationwide safety issues.

Some of them jokingly referred to having us smuggle them in our suitcases. Why is it that a lot of Ghanaians, and lots of Africans, continually view the West as superior? While colonialism is now not current bodily, imperialist mindsets are nonetheless alive. Its easy to see why Ghanaians might need rose-tinted glasses about the west. A lot of their media consumed is from America and once they would possibly see a international vacationer, they are usually well-off and secure. The authorities can allocate Ghanaian teachers and take them away from a school every time it feels prefer it.