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British Alfalfa Hay Suppliers, Manufacturers, Wholesalers And Traders 1

Arizona is thought for its nice weather, which can be perfect for growing top of the range hay. Parts of the state have fertile soil, and a dry climate which provides to the standard of the crop. Conway hay merchandise are the result of nice weather, fertile soil, distinctive farming practices, and a passion for providing the best feed hay attainable. If you are in search of top-quality hay to sell to your farm or ranch customers we can present you the best prices and highest revenue margins year around. West Texas horse quality alfalfa hay. Small two string bales $18.50 per bale in bundles of 21 bales.

Here in 2022, Hay has been in short provide. Many growers are delivery over seas, which leaves us brief. Pinal county is also out of water and a lot of farmers are unable to grow any hay, which is another excuse for shortages. We continue to maintain our stores stocked up and able to sell!

Two types of bales available; 60 bales of Alfalfa & Timothy combine and 40+ mixed Grass. Has the same long-strand fibre present in grass hays, and with extra protein, power and calcium. Market worth drivers apart, one other issue that can actually support higher hay prices in 2022 is the escalated cost to determine, develop, and harvest a hay crop. Forage producers must demand higher costs simply to cover their value of production as it pertains to seed, fertilizer, chemical, and gasoline inputs. #1 and #2 grade Arizona alfalfa hay near Tuscon, Arizona with truckload deliveries to Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Florida. Call in for Good to Premium high quality hay.

I really have 10 round bales for sale. Timothy, brome, crested wheat grass, orchard grass, alfalfa combine. Cut July 10-12, baled July sixteen,17. Located NE of Prince Albert.

Horse quality, bundled and banded small sq. bales. Compressed, three strap timothy hay bales. Takes a lot of effort to maneuver these bales however they are manageable.