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Instead of forcing a man-made structure in your fledgling assortment, depart the notes in the wild. One app I can really advocate is Readwise for anyone constructing a linked information system. It's an efficient way to ingest all of the content material you come throughout (Tweets, books, articles, podcasts) right into a single place, and become your supply of reality.

You shared insights and views that enriched my own — and the resulting dialogue enriched us all. What to some may appear to be a rigid and formulaic method to information seize, features more like the gestural protocols of Zen Buddhists. The method you remove the bowl out of your gown; the greatest way you place it in front of you; the finest way you eat and drink from it; the way in which you clear it.

Then utilizing the Readwise plugin, this will populate your raw reference notes in your Obsidian vault. If you wish to construct a rich universe of ideas that you simply develop throughout your life, study LYT.If you want a course on project administration, take one of many million courses on that. But if you wish to improve the way you truly work with concepts (not just kind them into folders), then learn LYT. For example, you can create a MOC for an upcoming trip to Japan. First, add a brand new project titled “Japan Trip” in the folder you simply created — this is your Map of Content.

LYT serves as a place to suppose and mirror the place you can sip data like a glass of nice Bordeaux. You'll simply want to use something that permits you to hyperlink notes rapidly.So that might be something like Obsidian or Roam or Remnote or Athens or anything that allows for link-based notes can work. Curious, thoughtful, analytical yet inventive, like-minded but diverse in perspective, good-spirited, kind-hearted, prepared to be taught and willing to share. We have broken free from the treadmill of constant “note-taking”. We have reclaimed our company to be in management of our considering processes.

In zettelkasten, connections between ideas are first established at the degree of the note the place contextualized links to other notes are sometimes discovered. Consequently, within the context of the zettelkasten method, MOCs would operate as a map of already apparent connections between concepts, a document of what is already been established. Do you end up drowning in a sea of half-finished notes and forgotten ideas? Linking Your Thinking (LYT) is another note-taking system trying to wedge its way into the personal information administration (PKM) neighborhood with a promise of a simpler and satisfying note-taking experience.

These Zettelkasten protocols, that are, in fact, loosely defined, personal, and intentionally unenforceable, give guidance. And, the ensuing output of those that truly work the system is proof of its efficacy. You can also ask Taskade AI to make clear complicated or ambiguous information that you’ve captured, summarize notes to flesh out key concepts, and even translate them into your language. Whenever you capture a new observe, you should use Taskade AI to increase on what you’ve already written, recommend other topics you could want to explore subsequent, and even provide additional context together with information, dates, and other relevant data. In your major workspace, create a model new folder and name it “Maps of Content” or any other name that you just favor. This folder will function a collection of all of your MOCs and provide you with a handy overview of how particular person notes are connected.